EnTimeMent aims at a radical change in scientific research and enabling technologies for human movement qualitative analysis, entrainment and prediction, based on a novel neuro-cognitive approach of the multiple, mutually interactive time scales characterizing human behaviour.

Our strategy facilitates the development of computational models for automated detection, measurement, and prediction of movement qualities. These models, based on behavioural signals, work on multi-layered parallel processes at nonlinearly stratified temporal dimensions, offering new prospects for human movement analysis.EnTimeMent's innovative and time-responsive technologies operate on multiple time scales, introducing a new dimension to motion capture and movement analysis systems. Our goal is to create time-aware multisensory motion perception and prediction systems.

Our proposed models and technologies undergo systematic testing and refinement through a range of controlled and ecological experiments. This includes action prediction in a laboratory setting and in the context of dyadic and small group interactions. EnTimeMent's research scenarios span several sectors such as healthcare, performing arts (e.g., dance), sports, and entertainment group activities. We also engage with living architectures where applicable.

We're dedicated to promoting community-building and exploitation through practical initiatives. This involves creating a network of users and stakeholders, innovation hubs, and SME incubators to provide a basis for project continuity and potential market expansion post-project.


Project Objectives

Project Objectives Description


EnTimeMent measurable objectives can be summarised as follows: