Short Description: Combining science, technology and art for a new approach to innovation. Keyword: LANGUAGE
"A regola d'arte": Art as a source of inspiration for scientific and technological research and innovation

31 October 2022

Location: Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy

Long Description: 

The multidisciplinary nature of the cultural and creative workforce is a fundamental added value for companies that combine skills in art, science and engineering, the so-called "fusion skills".
Basing development and technological innovation on the integration of "fusion skills" and in particular on the intersection with the arts and the humanities allows to dominate, orient, sometimes restrain and adapt it to the specifics of the human being, Of particular importance in this historic moment of instability and post-pandemic restart.

The EU STARTS (Science Technology and ARTS) programme and the New European Bauhaus are initiatives of the European Commission in support of trans-disciplinary projects in which the arts play a fundamental role in innovation in different fields of science, technology and society, such as industrial production, the multimedia and communication industry, social and environmental sustainability and the cultural and creative sectors.

The event presents concrete cases of success and "good practices" on the role of the arts as a source of inspiration in scientific and technological innovation.
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