Short Description: DanzArTe-Emotional Wellbeing Technology is a novel protocol and multimodal system for the interactive embodied experience of visual art and real-time interactive sonification displays, supporting full-body physical activity and cognitive exercise of memory training in both frail users (e.g. residents of care homes) and general users (e.g., enhanced embodied active experience of artworks in museum visitors). DanzArTe has been partially funded by Compagnia di San Paolo CWlab.

April - December 2022

Location: Italy

Long Description: 

DanzArTe is based on the adoption of art as a source for stimulating cognitive and motor reactivation, supporting active experience and real-time processing of visual arts content (classical religious paintings, image manipulation and 3D modelling) and real-time interactive sonification of individual as well as joint movement qualities.
The DanzArTe - Emotional Wellbeing Technology project is conceived and realised by the Casa Paganini-InfoMus University of Genoa (Italy) in collaboration with the Department of Geriatric Care, Orthogeriatrics and Rehabilitation - E.O. Ospedali Galliera of Genoa, the Lavanderia a Vapore of Collegno (Turin, Italy), the Cardinal Minoretti Residence for the Older people and the Museo Diocesano of Genoa.

Design and realisation of the software and multimedia content: Casa Paganini-InfoMus, University of Genoa.

The scientific model and technology of the DanzArTe project were promoted and supported by Compagnia di San Paolo in the framework of Well Impact.
The project aims to guide fragile older people to autonomously reconstruct the gestural content of ancient religious artworks with simple and expressive movements, individually and in groups.
Through an automatic real-time analysis of the qualities of movement, revealing sounds and manipulations of the projected images are interactively generated.

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