Short Description:  The dynamic aspects of living with disability, life transitions, including ageing, psychological distress, long-term conditions such as chronic pain and new conditions such as long-COVID affect people’s abilities. Interactions with this diversity of embodiments can be enriched, empowered and augmented through using multisensory and cross-sensory modalities to create more inclusive technologies and experiences.

14 and 15 May 2021

Location: Virtual Workshop

Long Description: This workshop will explore three related sub-domains: immersive multi-sensory experiences, embodied experiences, and disability interactions and design. The aim is to better understand how we can rethink the senses in technology design for disability interactions and the dynamic self, constructed through continuously changing sensing capabilities either because of changing ability or because of the empowering technology. This workshop will:

  • (i) bring together HCI researchers from different areas,
  • (ii) discuss tools, frameworks and methods, and
  • (iii) form a multidisciplinary community to build synergies for further collaboration.

Workshop website: www.disabilityinnovation.com/rethinking-the-senses