Short Description: Automated recognition, measure and prediction of qualities of human movement for industry, sport, rehabilitation, and active experience of cultural heritage content

23 September 2019

Location: Casa Paganini - InfoMus, DIBRIS, University of Genoa

Long Description: In occasion of the H2020 EU FET Future Tech Week, the EU FET PROACTIVE EnTimeMent project presents its activites and objectives to industry and institutions.
Coordinating actions in time (“A tempo”, in music) is a fundamental experience in music, dance, sport, rehabilitation, games, and work environments: the ability of humans to move together, to coordinate their activities in harmony.
To behave a tempo means to know the plurality of times involved in every action: from the short, microscopic times of the body that breathes and reacts, to the long times of the body that adapts itself and acquire knowledge in mutual non-linear interaction with others.
A tempo means learning to understand the qualities of the gestures of others to predict possible outcomes, to discover in the present the echoes of the past, the seeds of the future. The mission of EnTimeMent is to design innovative sensitive and interactive technologies capable to be a tempo with people, to help improve coordination, interaction and empathy, and to imagine and develop applications in the fields of health, work, entertainment and the arts.
For more info: visit the A Tempo! web page.