Short Description: A series of motion-capture recording sessions held at Casa Paganini on May-August 2019. The objective is twofold: (i) to investigate novel experimental setups, and (ii) to collect movement data on expressive movement qualities to prepare the demos at the "A Tempo!" and "STARTS" events at the EU FET Week and the Festival della Scienza.

 May-August 2019

Location: Casa Paganini - InfoMus, DIBRIS, University of Genoa

Long Description: 

20 August 2019 - Dancer: Cora Gasparotti

8 August 2019: Dancer: Cora Gasparotti

7 August 2019: Dancers: Cora Gasparotti, Carola Bossert and Erica Bossert

19 July 2019: Dancer: Cora Gasparotti

15-22 May 2019: Dancer: Cora Gasparotti

21 February 2019: Dancers: Francesca Foscarini and Beatrice Amadeo


Motion Capture

Motion Capture

Motion Capture

Motion Capture